Leak Detection
We trace and locate all types of leaks and proceed to repair the problem in the most effective and cost efficient manner.

We accommodate all boiler removals and boiler installations whether it be steam or hot water systems. In addition, we suggest preventative maintenance for all types of boilers to ensure a more effective performance through the years which will result in a longer life expectancy.

Radiant Heat
Our skilled technicians are qualified to install radiant floor heating for the indoor and outdoor perimeters of your premises.

Hot Water Heaters
We perform repairs and new installations on new hot water heaters of all sizes to accommodate your needs.

Drain Cleaning
We are fully equipped with a high tech camera which is inserted into the line to detect the nature of the current problem. This method ensures safety at the time of this inspection. Once the obstruction has been discarded, the camera will confirm the removal. In conclusion, the passage is restored for proper drainage.

24/7 Emergency Service Available
Please call: (718) 229-8102
Our mechanics are readily available to respond to any emergency situation.

Additional Services:

We perform removals and installations of existing and new toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showerheads, showerbodies, faucets, vanities, water lines, sewer lines, backflow preventers, check valves, sump pumps, french drains.

Violation removals, piping, controls, NYC Inspections, Permits Acquired, Modernization of Bathrooms & Kitchens.