About Us

About Unlimited Plumbing Solutions, Inc.

Our high standards and perseverance for excellence makes us different from the other companies.  

 We welcome our clients by proceeding to work with them in order to plan their scope of work accordingly, and adhere to the guidelines of their budgets.

We take all necessary precautions from the commencement to the finalization of all our projects.

We take pride in giving customer satisfaction in all aspects of the plumbing and heating industry.


Our History

Over the past twenty (20) years, we have been proudly serving many customers. 

 We have experienced many accomplishments during the course of the years.  

We have constantly continued to gain more knowledge, and we have provided the utmost satisfaction  to all of our customers.

Due to the fact that our company is  highly knowledgeable, experienced,  responsible, efficient, and accommodating  to the public, we consider these our outstanding features to a successful business such as ours.